Training Methods

Teaching Communication

By educating our clients on how to communicate with their dog in a language they understand, they are empowered to step into their role as a leader and confidently guide their dog to making the best behavioral choices in life.

Creating Community

Our amazing community of like-minded dog owners and training professionals keeps our clients connected and supported throughout the entirety of the training process. You never have to wait for your next training class or private session to get the support you need in training your dog today.

Human Education

Our blended online and in-person training program is designed to optimize learning for the person at the other end of the leash; because it’s not about how fast you can train your dog, but how quickly you can learn.

Holistic Approach

Customized Wellness Plans

Taking a zoomed-out look at your dog's overall wellness plan is often the missing link that will streamline your success in reaching your behavioral goals in training.

Nutritional Guidance

Getting your dog the best fuel for their brain and body can support them in optimal health, as well as enhanced brain function for more effective learning through the training process.

Essential Oil Healing

Support your dog and yourself physically, mentally and emotionally with the help of high vibrational plant medicines that will uplift and clear stagnant energies, and support the body and mind in self-healing.

100% Custom Services

We know that no two dogs (or people) are alike, and what works with one might not work with another.  This is why we customize each training program to fit your specific needs by connecting on the phone and discussing what is really going on, and what we can do to help.  Start the process today and reach out to schedule your free consultation!