Who we are

Here at Jackson Powder Hounds, we are passionate about helping you form a positive relationship with your pup. We believe old dogs CAN learn new tricks, and you can too! We want to empower our clients with calm, confident, and consistent practices, so you and your dog can live your best life together.

Dog training is an opportunity to look at ourselves, and see where we are reflecting our own imbalances. Our dogs can be our greatest teachers.

At Jackson Powder Hounds we empower you with the knowledge you need to be your own dog trainer. We offer you support through the ups and downs of learning how to train your dog.  The road is not always straight, sometimes we have to take detours before arriving at the final destination of a well-trained dog. Having the support of a training professional and a community can make or break the training experience.   

If we’re being honest, training is not necessarily only about the dog.  It’s about supporting and teaching the human at the other end of the leash. 

Jackson Powder Hounds is here to help you learn, grow, and problem solve your way to the life of your dreams with your dog.


Powder Hounds are wonderful! Ruby, my lab, seems to always be excited to share her day with the pack. A couple of times we have been on a random, separate hike and met another dog from the Powder hounds pack and the connection between the two dogs was amazing! Like old friends! Thank you, Jazzi and Ryley!
Pam Phillips
Our pup Sequoia has a hard time containing her excitement on the mornings that Ryley and Jazzi come to get her for a pack hike. Their love for animals and dogs is second to none, and they take the most amazing care of Sequoia. They are also very attentive to any special needs, and extremely communicative and professional with us. We could not recommend their services more highly.
Teresa & Kareem